Tuesday, June 3, 2008



I'm back on my weight loss grind. Now that the headshots are done..and I am not too stressed about losing weight for that... I feel a little free to take my time and enjoy my weight loss journey. I've decided for myself that deadlines aren't very helpful for me. It might be a lot easier if I take things...day by day.

I haven't been to the gym in a week. So its important to me to finish off this week with atleast 3 workout sessions.

On top of THAT. I found a cool article in the June Issue of Self magazine.

Entitled....One-month makeover-flat abs fast.

Everyday is a new tip to try out. I'm thinking that I don't have to do their everyday plan, But if I pick and choose the ones that I think will work and try to incorporate them into my weekly activities, that a month from now...I may find I have flatter abs...?!!!...???

Hopefully. lol. You'll see what I'm working on and what is getting added on the sidebar. Please feel free to join me ...if you're out there.

Also, enjoy some new June Music Playlist. Its what I'm in the mood for.... oh yeah

waistline measurement - 6/3/2008-after taking a deep singers inhale and then exhale..lol - 36inches.

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