Sunday, June 8, 2008

Reflections of Your Love...

So, i'm in a new place right now... a new place in my heart and my mind.
Sitting home...dreading work...waiting for you know who to return..I feel like I am struggling. Just have so many dreams...I've just got so many wishes...and goals...and its like I don't know where to makes me very anxious.

Update on Life: bf is back. I guess I didn't want to jump at a new entry to talk all about it..because I really wanted to take my time in making sure that I make the right decision when it comes back to stepping back into his life..and him into mine. Part of me feels like...we needed more time...the other part of me says that it took too long to finally come. Either way, there are so many things that need to be taken care of..that need to be accomplished...and from learning from the past..I know to put these things forward. My love for him, won't go I do believe that I need not worry about this relationship. just live it. Live right through it. Enjoy the moment. Cause it is only this moment that we have. And with that being said... I put work before play...and give pleasure time to come.

--till next time.

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