Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dream Land - My Hero

SHE'S THE WINNER! And her name is Michelle.
OW. I likey.

So I had my 2nd Cabaret with Seth Bisen Hersh Today. Quite cool. I think i'm starting to learn how to network properly and make some cool friends. Its not that hard. I'm feeling a little discouraged today though.
I'm trying to feel grateful, but paying to be able to sing is not working for me.
Especially when I don't have any money!
I've gotta figure out how I can get my feet in the door of this industry.
Money-making is what I'm trying to aim for.
But its just so darn hard.
(big sigh)
Is an Entertainment Career filled with just lousy angst to get to the next gig??
Is this how its going to be?
I don't know. I just want to get out there.
I'm sorry...if i'm not sounding grateful.
It is the holidays...so i'll lay off this negativity.

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