Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beautiful Signature and Everyday Bun & Hair Growth and Itchy Scalp

i would need...

1. one stretchy regular black elastic band
2. pins
3. cute stretchy regular elastic band with some kind of addition

loves it

HAIR GROWTH--i'm gonna post pictures of my hair very soon :)

Question # 1

How do I achieve the most growth ?

Question # 2

How to I treat itchy scalp or dandruff ?

And guess what ....I give the same advise for both....Let me show u

First tip :

If you want growth ...Start by keeping your scalp clean so that your pores can breathe ...( Same for itchy scalp and dandruff)

This treatment I am about to show you is used to stimulate growth, treat itchy scalp, and rid dandruff and lice

Here is what I have done for months and I'm adding back to my regimen for growth ....



Moisturizing Conditioner
Coconut Oil (optional)
Peppermint Oil
Rosemary Oil( Do not use Rosemary Oil if pregnant)
Eucalyptus Oil


Treatment is used as a prepoo overnight..Can be done before a Co-Wash or Shampoo...
There are no measurements because it has to do with tolerance...Peppermint , Rosemary and Eucalyptus Oils all give a cooling and menthol feeling...Start of with maybe 5 to 10 drops of each to test tolerance in your conditioner

Part hair in small sections...Cover scalp and apply to hair down to the tips...Cover with plastic cap and cover that with a scarf...Use a old pillow case..In the morning rinse and shampoo or co-wash hair..

I recommend doing this at least 2x a week ...( I will be doing this 3x a week)

Here are the benefits of each oils...

Peppermint Oil ....
Gives a cooling effect ..Removes dandruff and reduces itching and irritation, and stimulates growth (never apply directly to skin /always mix with something)

Rosemary Oil...
Promotes hair growth and is also used to remove and treats dandruff DO NOT USE ROSEMARY IF YOU ARE PREGNANT (never apply directly to skin/ always mix in something)

Eucalyptus Oil ...
Antiseptic which helps to get rid of dandruff. Stimulates blood circulation on the scalp, and encourages hair growth ( never apply directly to skin/always mix in something)

Coconut Oil ...
Conditions the scalp and stops fallen hair

When I started my hair journey I had major scalp issues...Bad dandruff and seriously itchy scalp...I saw results immediately...It cleared up all my scalp issues and it got me from Armpit Length to Bra-strap in a few months..And my hair thickened up... So I'm going back to the basics....

So research your oils...Your essential oils all do different things and you can work them into your regimen...To fit your needs

-------->taken from KEEP IT SIMPLE SISTA

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