Monday, January 12, 2009

New Years Resolution 09

So, Where to Start?

I don't know if I believe that 09 is the year for me. As others may be saying this day in and out. However with the new year comes a new slate. Always, a new slate is always good news to me.

Many new years I've been close to focusing on the right things. But I don't believe I've nailed it.And i'm not afraid to admit that. Whether to lose weight, gain a career or just get sum money.
I can take that route again saying that this is the year. ANd this year will be different. But today, I honestly don't know. All i've got is a pack of dreams all stuffed together, that I carry on my shhshoulda. Everyday feels like a disappointment. Why? Because the future is not attained yet. In fact, the future is not here yet. And as I sit in everyday....dreaming, wishing and watching. I find myself doing less and less, and dreaming, wishing and watching more.

This is my resolution. To stop focusing on others and to just Live my Life.

The moment is mine. This moment is mine. And so will be the next. I want to just thank God for giving me each moment, whether good or bad, so that I can move on and enjoy the next one.

No more regrets, no more clutching onto the past. No more cluthing onto the future.

I'm grateful and thankful for being granted another year lived. Thank you Lord.

09 Doesn't have to be my year, because 2008 was, and Lord willing 2010 will be mine too. I say enjoy. No worries. Everything's Irie. Just Irie.

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