Monday, February 23, 2009

HI, MY NAME IS....And I'm Beyonce Obsessed

NOW NOW...A DIVA IS A FEMALE VERSION OF A HUSTLA............................

~~Beyonce Nation~~

I am believe that there are two categories of Beyonce fans in this world.

One thing we can all agree on is Beyonce is EVERYWHERE. We really do not have much of a choice....but to choose which side we choose to see her.Even if you don't like Beyonce's style. I bet you are watching her... Well, i don't know if you are for sure. But I am here to admit that
I am..Beyonce Obsessed

So, the question lies what about this lady intrigues us so?
hmm i don't know the answer to that quesion ..honestly.
It could be a plethora of things..

For me...its many things.

Grab a glass of wine or whatever your favorite drink is...
and read on...

My first beyonce experience was "Writings on the Wall".
Ain't nothing like a teenage girl and all her friends mocking a Hot Girl Group.
These chicks came out with a SERIOUS MESSAGE.

we can be sexy
we are classy.
we got style.
we are all that.
and you better value us as such.
and any1 with that message...
MUST be respected.

They had a tough flow,
and rocked the MOST hottest outfits I had ever seen.
Yet, as hard as they came, they kept their feminity on LOCK.
I remember pointing out Beyonce and saying..
"This is my favorite Destinys Child member..."
Yeah I thought she was the prettiest. I'll admit it...and i'll get back to this in a minute.
But what struck out to me was her hunger.
Her Passion.
This girls got Passion!
Have you ever experienced a Beyonce Performance?

I have never seen this chick live.
But I don't have know
that the BEYONCE EXPERIENCE. Is really what it is.


It is like no other. On a typical tv performance, i've seen this girl
rock high stiletto heels, dance, scream, crawl, gyrate, pop-lock,
And sing.
She's absolutely
She brings her all to the stage.
There is no telling what she will come up with next.
And you can't GET BORED.
I don't think she'll allow you to.
I know some people look at the performances and thinks she goes overboard..
But I can't understand that.
She is doing HER.
and thats so cool to me.
And as an aspiring performer..
I can do nothing else but sit in awe.
watching and emulating her every move.'s called learning from the best. :)

I like it that she incorporates diverse musical styles to her music.
She's worked with Prince
Sean Paul
JAY..of course
Shakira...and so much more.
and now..she is incorporating the choreography of the legendary Bob Fosse into her choreography.
She is like our modern day Michael Jackson
Come on now...
Don't deny it!!!

in her BEYONCE EXPERIENCE concert she incorporates
a scene style from CHICAGO THE MUSICAL

She knows how to woo a crowd.
She's got the fellas drooling at her every move.
No wonder she got haters.
But i'm not trying to hate.
I'm enjoying every bit of it.
And i'm sayin'





You can't deny it.
You just can't.
She carries herself well in the media.
And I respect that as well.
Even for a soon to be 24 year old like me
I am still star struck by this woman.
I love her.
I absolutely love what she is doing.
She is a classy, sexy, fierce, woman...who just like trying to make it through this world.
And doing one hell of a job.
I think she is a great role-model for women.
And you know it!

Could I be like Beyonce?


lol. helllllll no.
I could never be her.
I could never look like her.
I could never have her style.

But I can sure as hell to find my own.

Thanks Beyonce.
for your inspiration.
Your style, physique, and voice is a true force to be reckoned with.
And i'm not denying it.
All I can do is learn from the best right???

every moment.

every day.


beyond words.
And look

now..back to work.


Dαsια ♥ said...

Wow! A big beyonce fan. I'm not a fan of beyonce, and I really don't like her, some of her songs though. But, I'm not a hater.

J-Nice said...

LOL......Beyonce is pretty but she is over rated to me personally.

Dance of Lyfe said...

aww thats too bad. i love B. No reason to hate on someone I don't know. I'm sittin' back and takin' notes. As an aspiring performer...I respect her swag.But its all good. not every1 is a follower. lolz