Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It was tough today.. but I got through it!

Today I auditioned for two EQUITY Auditions.
I wasn't proud of my auditions. I thought they were okay.
I know I can do better.
One thing about auditioning today that worked for me, was that I was focused on my craft and my piece instead of looking around the room at all the potentials...practicing that has left me in the insecure corner a few times!
What I think I established well today was a presence. I introduced myself and I thought I looked pretty good. However, the singing was not great..and I can't believe this. I really think I could have done better if I was simply better prepared!!

I know how to audition correctly,
but I was still a complete mess...sheet music, headshots, and resumes all in a heap of a mess!
My voice was tired. And the song choices were a little off.
Not so bad. I still believe there is a chance for me...but the odds are not in my favor.
I'm still cool with it.
Biggest lesson learned is that there is a place for me in this Business.
I can go out there and do it.
I just have to create my spot.
...gotta polish my act.
Gotta Get My Head in the Game!!

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