Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hair Journal

I am having problems trying to tackle each problem that I am having with my hair. One thing I'm good at is researching and finding out all the problems that need to be fixed. But, what I have the most struggles with is choosing what to focus on first.

After watching Marcherie's first vid on creating your own hair journey, I am inspired to try prioritizing the goals that I have with my hair.

One of the biggest lessons i've been learning since I've begun my hair journey, is that I should take more time into watching how MY hair reacts to everything. Watching everyone else gives good insight, but the real answers that you'll find will be discovered by paying attention to yourself.

Marcherie says to tackle one problem at a time.

I want...

Less breakage, Stronger Hair:
I don't know how to track the amount of hair that should be falling from my head.
During My De-tangling, I've found that I get a lot of hair falling out.

So i'm going to first focus on adding more protein and deep conditioning to my hair.


I've decided that I'm gonna get some more supplies from the BSS.
But instead of new conditioners and yada yada...
I'm gonna work on getting the right pins, satin scarf, and supplies that will help me to protect my hair for the rest of March.

I'm gonna try doing different buns...
check these out.


I'm also discovering that knowing your hair's porosity is very important. Ever since I began my Hair Journey, I've found great moisturizers, but my hair doesn't remain moisturized, it gets fluffy and some parts feel rough to the tough....Not severely rough but not soft enough.

Hair porosity refers to the hair's ability, or inability, to absorb water or chemicals deep into the cortex. Unfortunately, damage to the hair shaft can affect the hair's level of porosity. Too much porosity reduces the hair's ability to retain moisture, move well, and fight breakage.

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Dαsια ♥ said...

Yeah I'm having that same problem to. Not necessarily trying to fix all the wrongs with my hair, but trying to reach my hair goal faster, it's frustrating.