Sunday, March 22, 2009


sitting under the dryer, doing a deep conditioner under a hooded dryer.
just thinking about the spring..and this year...wats to come next.

last night bfni discussed friends. and i've come to some basic conclusions
his friends are at battles with for sure.
they don't want me around...they are def sayin' 3 years is wayy to long.
time for your hooked up ass to be out and single again.

i dont know i just don't think they have ever had any regard for my place in his life.
i go out with him to their shows, see them perform, i put on surprise bday parties for him so they can all chill..and still they got some sh*t to say. wat shit? i don't kno..cuz ol loverboy wont let up any info...but i kno they be talkin' shit. and this hurts my feelings..cause i feel i've been doing my part to show that i'm really there for this guy. but i don't feel that they respect the fact that he is in a relationship..they want him out.

now..this is just a theory of mine. but it is backed up by some actions they have done over the years. in which...this just hurts my feelings. i think i would let up a fight when they are brought up if i just felt that they finally accepted me as apart of his life. ...i dont know ..this is just how i'm feelin' about the whole thing.

but i'm letting up now. i'm not gonna do much anymore when it comes to them..he's the one that matters anyway.


M. Tylar said...

hi hater! nah uh! say BYE hater!

Nicole ♥ HealthyKisses said...

I have so been here before! Don't worry about, just continue to be a great girlfriend to your boyfriend and his friends will catch on. It's irritating I know, that's just how guys are. They are just going to have to get over it and trust me they will, especially when they get girlfriends or eith mature.