Sunday, April 5, 2009

I wanted to make sure I got up this morning and wrote about a big lesson learned last night.

I decided. To take some advice. From my fab beauty queen bloggers. It was time for a mental change and it started with the bestest of all things...SHOPPING!!!

I took my self to my all time fav HM stores and decided to start adding some good quality clothes to my collection. I spent 2 hours in that store looking for the right piece for going out. 2 hours for 1 piece of clothing?! Not usually my style. I find myself just leaving after 15 min when Im finding that nothing fits and thinkin.."this is not for me". But I braved through it. There were lots of moments when I wanted to give up. Finding the right sizes was quite a test for my patience and confidence. Boy..I haven't been shopping in a while.

But When I finally found that one piece.
(The not too slutty..
the just the right amount of covered up skin vs. show it all skin,
The gold shimmery look that I found in Allure Mag,
backed up with a twist of my own pairing of accessories...)
I was the happiest bunch in the crowd when I finally got my ass outta that store!

I wore my 1st new outfit of the year out. And boy it was grand!

No wonder women dress up like this on a reg. Cause when you are wearing the RIGHT thing... you are unstoppable. I had so much fun and I learned a different kind of confidence that I've never found before. A real sense of it too.

So even though I'm not at my fav weight, even though my mom can nag me about my acne skin everytime, even though I don't have much in my wardrobe closet (yet), even though I've been considered more of a "tomboy" than a "dime"...I found out that I can have all this and still be flyy. ..when I learn to bring out the best assets that I've got!

Well now that I've discovered the secret to real confidence. I'm sharing it with my peoples.
Find that outfit that brings out the best in you...and then steal the show ladies.

Find that Freakum Dress..and Steal Back Your Show! ha. till next time. :)


I found me a pair of goldandwhite snakeskin pumps at PAYLESS in Jamaica, Queens.
Pair Snakeskin with your fav outfit. It can add a bit of dangerous yet classy to your outfit :)

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