Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Non-Diet Guideline #1: Start A Food Journal


I am revisiting my weight-loss challenge. I think its best that I take it slowly. Adding better habits one at a time. The Least important thing for me is to lose weight fast. No, I don't care if it takes 30 days or 30 months...I would be nice if its a happy medium between the two :)

What is important is changing my lifestyle. SIMPLE what I'm focusing on.


1st Food Journaling
in a food diary/journal you should write down everything that you eat in the day.

A. Record every bite and at what time you ate.
B. Write down motivation for eating. Are you hungry? Tired? Bored?
C. optional: Calculate the calories you consume in a day (I don't know if I'll do this for every day. I'm not going to even require it of myself ..but maybe i'll get into it.)

Find the way that works for you. Some people record their diary in their blackberry, iphone, online, or in an actual composition book. I have been doing it in my blackberry, but it hasn't been consistent for me. I think I'll be using an actual journal to write in. Quite often, I like to write more, about how my day is going, or how my body image is holding up for the day. I believe these are important things to reflect on, and because of this an actual book to write in will work for me I believe.

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