Monday, April 20, 2009

Stay True to Yourself..

Don't know where I got this saying from..but I've been saying it since I can remember. The biggest part is grasping the true meaning of it. I always thought it meant..doing what works for you. But I've learned the hard way..that what I THINK works for me is not always whats best for me.
Let's be honest here...
You gotta be true to yourself.
You also gotta be honest with yourself.

Recognize when the things that YOU are doing are prohibiting you from performing at your best.
Sometimes OUR biggest Obstacles in Life is ourselves.
As my fav day comes forth..I'm taking the time to recognize the accomplishments I've made..the mistakes I've made...and the different actions taken between the two.
Most often..a minor adjustment is all thats needed.

So yeah... stay TRUE to yourself.
Keep things honest.
And like my girl says..Just keep keepin' on.

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