Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Healthhy ScaLP

so i'mma be real honest and say that i'm not too happy with this hair right now! yeeesh.
I'm over 6 weeks post. And it is my goal to stretch another 6 weeks so that I can finally reach apl..but i am having some difficulties with New growth, not so great products, and humidity.
And do add even scalp? My scalp is not feeling too good at all. Its dry and very itchy.
Its time to focus on creating a healthier scalp.

Healthy scalps are those where the skin is toned, pliable, and also well stimulated for hair growth.

It is very important that the scalp is clean to minimize your clogged pores..but what else?

1. Know the ingredients of your shampoo
mild shampoos with an acid instead of an alkaline base are recommended.
always take in consideration the ingredients sodium laureth sulfate..stay far away from this

2. Get good moisture for your Scalp
Your scalp is your skin. And like the skin on the rest of your body, it needs constant moisturizing.
I'm very interested in jojoba oil...for it is the oil that closely mocks the natural oils that your scalp produces. **oil is a good good moisturizer for your scalp, but not your hair. Oil is good to seal the hair but should not take the place of a moisturizer for the hair strands**

3. Massage regularly
Trim those nails first! haha
And get to the ultimate "ooohh ahhh" massage on your scalp after applying oil. Massages stimulate hair growth, and relaxes the nerves and muscles in your brain. Using the balls of your fingers, apply medium pressure and move in a circular upward motion.

4. Avoid Drying out your Scalp
Excessive blow drying is unnecessary when there are other methods to dry hair. Blow drying creates dry scalp. Also washing your hair in hot water can strip the natural oils from your use lukewarm water to wash.

5. Less Poo, but more wash
Excessive shampoo washes will dry your scalp. Poo as needed.
However co-washes are divinely preferred by your scalp.
It will leave your scalp clean and your hair consistently moisturized.

6. Treat your scalp
aloe vera is a healer for your skin. The use of Aloe Vera Gel as well as the Aloe Vera Juice on a regular basis can significantly heal and soothe any scalp that has scabs sores etc.

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