Sunday, July 26, 2009


So far I've done three classes at the famous BDC and boy is it challenging!
But I'm lovin' every bit of it. So far my fav class is by a jazz funk teacher named CHIO.
I'm def checking her class off as one of my four to take during the week.

The teachers are ferocious and even in the beg class they expect A+ effort.
I'm not easily picking up on everything...mainly because i can feel my body getting out of shape! ohh. but it feels so good at the end when your doing the routine for the last time and hittin' the moves that turn your dancing shoes on! i'm lovin' it!

I hope to take CHIO later this week, however I am thinking of taking Derek Mitchell's class tomorrow. I've been reading up on this teacher and it turns out he incorporates a lot of genres in his choreography from jazz hip hop lyrical to theater. I would love to be able to make it through one of his lyrical classes... see a clip of it below. Not sure if i'm ready yet tho! haha

Found this awesome vid on a tribute to Bey's greatest dance moves...

..thaas my girl!

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