Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is What Happens when...

you step on that friggin' scale!

I was ready to continue my workout regimen today. got my clothes together, chose which class i'd be taking..but lord knows that i just couldn't get the nerve to do it after seeing my number on the scale. I have to at least check the scale once a month. So this was the weigh-in for August. Yes folks i'm now at a whopping 149.8 which mean that my weight is going in the wrong direction!!

I promised i would share the good bad and ugly so i'm going to let it be known that this is an ugly episode! **sigh**

one of my main reasons for not doing the whole...check the scale thing every week is because of the fact that your weight fluctuates on a regular basis. I have been working out diligently for the past week and its very possible that i have put on weight...because of new muscle gain! But, this is not what logically runs through my head when observing the added pounds on the scale. All that i'm thinking of is...Fat fat shame FAT FAT SHAME! AND i can't go out like this... not today.

So i'm staying in..gonna take my self into the shower and treat my hair.. read some more recipe books and come up with a better plan for tomorrow...cause there's always tomorrow.

I think its definitely time for me to begin weigh-ins on a monthly basis. I want to be able to track my weight but not as obsessively as every week. These are going to be tough days for me..not like length checks after relaxers...which i usually look forward to! But I have to do it..its important that i know what is going on physically..and i want to expose my emotions more to the truth of whats going on with my body...whether its pleasant or not. ...

1st Non-Diet Weigh-IN 149.8 lbs

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