Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm feelin' a lil stuck..these days. Just feelin' anxious, bored, and ready to get into something major!! The BF is feelin' the same thing too. Just motivated to get out of this "dreaming" rut. Nah mean? The hair journey is still on its way. And i'm lovin' every bit of it. It's making me realize that with consistent work and a lot of patience.. you can get great results!

Today while researching different teachers and coaches to get connected with ..I've noticed some very interesting things about myself..that I am trying to work on for real...
One thing is that I get so motivated that I wanna do so much at once. And Sometimes this just cheapens my work. Sometimes its important to just focus on one entity at a time. Apply yourself and gain the best quality you can.
Also, cheap is good. But as Traycee from KISS says.. you get what you pay for. So i'm looking for good vocal teachers and there are so many to choose from! But I realize that I need to get connected with the ones that have the best technique as well as coaching. So I may have to really invest some money into getting the right quality training. I'm not just about maintenance of my craft..but allways improving...

I think this is why i've been hooked on Bey from the beginning and have been listening to her hard these days. Her work inspires me. She challenges herself and her craft. She is a hard working woman and I can't do nothing else but look up to that. She is my inspiration through this rut..


Speaking Here's an unreleased song I found today that was probably written for the Bday soundtrack. In this song she really addresses the haters...loooves it. :)

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