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Salon Review: Sisters Unisex Salon in Brooklyn

Sisters Unisex

137 Lawrence StBrooklyn, NY 11201-5208


As much as I want to be a self-proclaimed hairlista who does all her hair herself..which is about 95 percent true..I do need a break and don't mind if I do have to leave it in the hands of a Hair Salon Stylist. So my ultimate mission is to find a dominican salon that I can go to every once in a while. But there are sooo many! So I'm doing a little Trial and Error testing and research..for any ladies that are in the NYC or Brooklyn area..this might be helpful for you :)

In a quick decision on Sunday, I decided to get my hair done because I had a photoshoot to attend in the afternoon for my upcoming cabaret show. I attended Sisters Unisex Salon. A very small but popular "express" Dominican salon in downtown brooklyn. I heard about this place from my lil sis who used to frequent here regularly when she lived in the neighborhood. Last time I came here I walked right out because the line was too long! What line you may ask? The shampoo line! I also remember coming here for a relaxer..and walking out because of how long it was taking for the wait. But I had very little time so I went for it.

Upon entering you are greeted by the front desk. Tell them what you want and the lady "analyzes" your hair (which means she checks your length) to decide what your full charge will be. Then she says "$20" and "Get in Line". And you walk to the back and get on the shampoo line. With three sinks, you wait your turn to shampoo. The lady that did my hair did a fairly splendid job. She did not scratch or scrub my hair..which I hate. She also used a wide tooth to comb out far so good. She was very kind. And I def took a quick peek at the products (Now a Hairlista..I never just "trust" the products used in my hair.. I scan them quickly for label and ingredients). I couldn't make out what the products were they were in Spanish. But I did see Olive Oil ..that was good enough for me.

All I can say is whatever products they use..its just wonderful. My hair felt so soft after the wash. I was then passed off to the next stylist who applied some creamy leave-ins in my hair and proceeded to detangle some more..with her rattail comb. This was not so freat for me. I thoguht her comb was raggedy and over used and made a quick note to myself to bring my own comb next time*.

I got a cute rollerset (my favorite choice of hair drying method) and was done quickly. The drying was relaxing since it was quite chilly! And then came the last step. The most crucial step when it comes to a review...the styling. I was passed onto the 3rd stylist who was the person who undid my rollers. I hated the way she checked my just yanking a strand out..but I didn't say anything. She really seemed heated when she asked me if I wanted to blow it out and I said "only the roots". Boy those must've been the forbidden words because she didn't even respond but did as requested and quickly got me out of her seat. ...whateva.

This is where points are lost..because she went over the different sections with her blow-dryer way too many times. She didn't use a heat protectant and had an attitude. Not cute.

The highlists of Sisters Unisex is that they have

*Quick Express Service

*Cheap prices $15-$20 for wash and dry

*Fairly well-mannered staff

*Good Products

I felt like most of the s tylists knew what they were doing and kept it simple..but effective. And I really loved the beautiful hair was swanging for the shoot and had these cute little waves so it wasn't bone straight.

The Misses of Sisters Unisex is

*The detangling Process...I just lost way too much hair

*You don't stay with one stylist. I had 3 people working on my hair

Again, the Results were great. My hair looked super long and bouncy! It had a nice shine to it..and looks healthier than it has ever been. I got a few compliments on it too. The only thing this place really did differently than my usual routine is that their rollersetting and styling results are just a bit better results than my own..but it Stops there. This healthy looking hair on my head really is frm all the care that I have put into for these last 9 months.

*My hair was 9 weeks post.
*Maybe thats why the last stylist was mad..cuz she really didn't do much...whateva!

Sisters Unisex 3.5 stars from KBOUG.

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