Friday, November 12, 2010

12 Days Later...

I've come up with a plan... and its different. And I think it might help me. I think.

Just did a weigh-in two days ago with my Wii Fit.
My last check in was 12 days ago and it was 163lbs. My check in two days ago put me at 159lbs! Which means that with just a little bit of consciousness on what I want to do.. i can progress.

My Wii Fit is great because it calculates my BMI and does an accurate Weight Reading.. (as long as i weigh myself on the same day and time that i did on the last weigh-in).

There are lots of cool games that really focus on balance, cardio, yoga, and strength training. I honestly don't feel like I get a tough workout, but they are good games to keep your body active.
I think my Wii Fit might be able to help me with my goals..

I recently read in the latest SELF Magazine about the difference between how Men workout and lose weight and how Women do it. There were many differences, but the one thing that stuck out most to me was that MEN don't measure their Happiness on how much weight they are losing. They measure their content their Fitness Performance. Which means that they are constantly challenging themselves harder than they did the last time they worked out. This makes so much sense to me! And its actually more motivating.. because its hard to watch your weight. Your weight fluctuates and its almost like waiting for a pot to boil... OR FOR YOUR HAIR TO GROW.. lol.

But measuring your performance? That is something that you can see differences right away. And if you don't like it.. you can just push yourself harder. WOW! I love this idea.
Before you know it, you are performing well in your exercise of choice, and you are losing weight!-->its like a side effect, instead of a main focus.

Kind of reminds me of my Hair Journey.. cause it was so annoying looking for your hair to grow, but if you just focus on the products you are using and the methods that work for your hair.. before you know it... your hair has grown!

So..after all that babbling, what i've come up with is a challenge just for me.

A Wii FIT Challenge.
The challenge includes...
Using my Wii Fit as a measuring tool.

Play with my Wii Fit 1-2x a week (not including measuring)
Take a fitness routine of my own choosing 2-3x a week.
(Core Fusion/Dance/Yoga/Gym)

There are no real requirements here... except to workout at least 3x a week
at a workout of my own choosing.
If I want to challenge myself, i'll do core, if i want an easy workout, i'll do my wii fit, if i want some stretching, i'll go for yoga, if i want to workout with the bf, i'll gym it, and if i want to improve my skills for auditioning, i'll take some dance classes. :)
I like the idea of having options depending on how i'm feeling.

My goal is to improve my overall Metobolic rate.
Challenge Ends... ? Not sure yet :) hehe
My Weigh-In:


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