Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making Dreams Reality

It is becoming clearer to me as these days go by....

I've been fairly proud of myself for what i have been able to accomplish, mentally and creatively. But what makes a person fulfill their calling? What brings them to the light? Luck is a funny word.. and i no longer believe in it.

People who have been giving a chance to make the best of their light either make it or lose it.

I believe i have been giving a chance and a light, but I am slowly losing it. Its a gift that comes to many, but only those who truly understand what it takes to use it well....will make it. And there are few in between.

As I grow older ... I am more and more troubled with questions as to why am I not where I feel I am supposed to be. And i recognize that its because of me. Its always been. Possibly, i have a path that is unfolding for me...something that i have not wished for or envisioned. But i do know what i want. And i have not been in the right mentality to receive it.

I have grown, and I would like to grow more. I don't think I truly know what it means to work really hard for what you want.

Now that i have developed the spirituality and mental state to understand positive and negative thoughts and energy. it is time to move forward with STRONG MENTALITY. In order to say what i want and then to go get it... I am going to have to dig deep...and find the pain and bring it to the surface. I need to discover what is holding me back and eliminate it.

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