Friday, June 24, 2011

On Days Like these:

On days like these..which are very typical might mean that I had to be at work very early, and without any eating plan whatsoever...I'll grab a coffee and go.

Without food from home and resistant to pay for an expensive breakfast, I can go a good 4-6 hours without eating. These days are usually on Sunday,Monday, and Friday. 3 days out of the week. it is such a bad habit because I feel drained, nauseous, and my stomach slightly aches.

The first thing i typically do is grab whatever i can and take it down. Feeling satiated at first and then extremely sick and tired.

It's time now to address it and have an action plan if happens..or even better a preventitive plan.

Action plan--> today instead of gobbling down my food..i'll be taking my time to drink 2 glasses of water and have a cup size of salad first. My body is aching for hydration and nutrients.

Preventative plan--> start preparing my meal in the night before and waking up and putting it in my bag before I do anything else.

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