Thursday, April 17, 2008


The hardest thing about breaking up... Is realizing that you've failed.
The second hardest thing about breaking up... Is accepting that you've failed.
The third hardest thing about breaking up... Is learning from your failure.

All I keep thinking of is me...sitting there, with all these people looking at me in disgust. Like I was the worst girlfriend..and I didn't appreciate him enough, or give him what he wanted, i wasn't ready to deal with some real things, and they are saying i'm a dumb idiot. I could have done better...and instead, i fucked up on a really good relationship...because i had minor problems.

I heard these mid-aged ladies talking about some young girl...and how she messed up a good relationship, and how he was a good catch. And how many girls would want him..

Did I miss out on my good catch...? Just because I couldn't deal with some things?

My heart is broken.

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