Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I have Many Diaries

Welcome Me. To my online experience. Yet, again.

I have many diaries.

Ranging from the little black book that I take on the subway ride with me...
To the possibly 2 online accounts that i have forgotten any user name or password to...
To the infamous facebook status, that i have been addicted to updating my state of thought.

Yeup. Hello everyone. I am an online addict. And as you may find as I attempt to continue is that I am favorably an addict of many things.

And thus, here I am. Approaching another diary.

So what makes this one different? Well, nothing really. Its just another way for me to spill my guts until I can't take it anymore I guess. I have a lot on the mind. And its an everyday struggle to get things clear. ...I don't know..maybe its a girl thing.

Either way, there will be hopefully more to come. But at 3am in the morning. I am merely giving myself a reason to stay away from sleeping.

Have a goodnight..until we meet again!

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