Monday, May 19, 2008

Dream Day...2 weeks

2 weeks till dream day...My headshot session!!! Whoo hoo.

I just confirmed with the photographer. I've been so iffy about it, because I want to choose the right photographer, and I want to have the right loook... yada yada. And then today, I decided. I did choose the right photographer..and I already have the Right Lets get on with it please!!!!

So the biggest things I'm thinking about right now?

Well, I have no clothes! I need Power clothes with Power Colors (me sayin this in a dramatic

And I'm on my exercise and nutrition grind! I'm going to start recording down what I eat.

And I've put myself on an exercise regimen to jumpstart my weight-loss and get me feeling great for the headshot session in two weeks... here it is.

3x a week - 40 minute Cardio
3x a week - 15 min Cardio/Exercise Class w/ Strength training routine from fitness magazine
2x a week - pilates...!!! whoo hoo.

So you may the hell am I fitting this in? Ha! Shit if I know. lol.

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