Monday, May 19, 2008

Text Conversations...

I am revamping a text convo... to evaluate some things "friendship" with this person...

Me: Thanks for letting me use your tv and dvd player. Imma bring it back to you by next weekend.

T: U got a new one?

Me: Yeah

T: U went out and bought a new one?

Me: No

T: Ur using (his)?

Me: Y

T: Nope no reason good 4 u. Hope life works for u the way you want it. As ur friend I think ur making a mistake but ur grown so good luck.

Me: Um wat?

Me: Wat are u talking about?

T: Nothing 4get it. Just give me a call b4 u do. If you wanna go 2 the gym still let me know but lets go in bk

T: Nothing forget it not my business. Its ur life

T: Sorry

Me: Yeah. I'll let u know when I can bring it over. And u can tel me if it is a good time for u. I like going to the gym in the city..cuz its where i work.

T: ok

Me: Wat? I'm talkin about a tv and u r talkin about somethin else.

Me: Sorry for wat?

T: I was talkin about where u got another one from n why ur all of a sudden giving mine back. Thats y I sed 4 get it not my business n ur life

T: It was also betta for u 2 have them cause I dnt want them in the garage

Me: As my friend I would love to hear wat u have to say. But u said u stopped tryin 2 be my friend a long time ago...even tho i never stopped trying.

Me: All u have to do is ask. I'm giving u urs back because i want to treat u better...and not come off as im using you.

T: What diff would what I think make? I keep tellin u. U do what u want.

Me: Ur rite

T: N jus because ive stopped TRYIN doesn't mean i'm not a fren when u come 2 me

Me: explain that

T: I wasn't making the extra effort 2 reach out 2 u but when u call I always there.

Me: Thank u. I appreciate it.

T: Everytime i tried 2 do "friendship" things with u it neva worked out so thats where I sed I stopped

T; Thanks jus me. Like i always tell u im not in the business of hurtin peoples feelings

Me: I am not in that business either. I just try to be honest and forgiving...

T: But in the case of u an (him). I really dnt know if you guys "working it out" but I dnt like 2 c me friends dealin (he) is cool as a fren but not 2 date

T: I always try 2 forget about things but its hard when it keeps occuring.

Me: I dont really care to talk about (him) talkin about u and i.

T: Me neither i was just sayin. Cause u ask as if ur unsure about my opinion n I want u 2 know that i dnt hate him. Jus think he isn't for my friend ne more.

Me: Well i'm glad that u said that. Because its obvious that there is still somethin wrong. Wat keeps occuring?

T: Back 2 u n I im really tryin 2 not care

Me: Okay. I understand that. Since that is the case then I can respect ur feelings about him and I will be cautious 4 now on.

T: Like i told u its not recently. Cept wat I told u b4. But everything is the past. We keep havin convo's ova txt n u might be misinterpreting my tone n meanin

Me: Ur trying to not care bout me and u?

T: U don't have 2 be cautious. I'm done speakin about u n him thats on u if u need 2 talk i'll always listen but hopefully u will wake up one day n it wont be 2 late cause he really is n ass n if i would tell him that if i spoke 2 him

T: No about nething that people do that bother me. I try not 2 care n continue w stayin myself

T: No I'm tryin not 2 care about everything people say n do. Jus be there when I can

T: Yeah I do care about my friends

Me: Okay so that do u call it

T: I neva sed that. Thats y i dnt wanna have these convos ova txt. U keep gettin what I say wrong. Txt isnt for real talk.

T: O. I still want 2 be friends with u. I think ur a good person.

T: Yea i'm not sure where the confusion

T: But i neva said I wasn't ur friend

T: What I sed only stated how I was feelin

T: Did you say nething 2 (Him) about ryan?

Me: Okay. Why is it a big deal? Wat is it that i did that bothered u so much?

T: U know. ne thing i sed 2 u about him

T: ?

T: did u say nething about his women?

T: U sed he didn't? But ok y wat the need n tellin him about my hair? If u dont like it for yourself y do it 2 me?

T: I'm not trying 2 pic a fight

T: Well i dnt complain either.

T: I was proving a point. N it mattas if u dnt treat me the way u want 2 be treated. U could have simply sed it was me n i had a question cause the convo was about ur aunt apartment

T: tellin kemma yall breaking up o what r facts

T: not bothered just want u 2 c. U getting upset with me cause i "tell" ur business but u going n doin the same. N then say shit like whats the big deal. When I know u run n tell a lot of things. It principal.

Me: Wel thats what happens when u deal with rude and disrespectful people.

Me: Watever i said to bg..wasn't going to get a negative response. U mustve been complainin to ur friends...bc they say u shouldn't be friends with me.

T: No but they probably see something I dont. I ova this convo cause its not makin a diff

Me: What diff are u trying to make?

T: Nothing dnt worry. Theres no point.

Me: Well just remember ur the 1 who is trying to make a point. And ur so quick to cal me rude and disrespectful and (him) an ass...i wonder wat it is that u call urself.

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