Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weight loss Diary 144.2.....22.2lbs to go..oh boy


I gained 2lbs this week. Not too good eh?

Yeah, I kinda felt that coming... a lot of slip ups with chocolate brownies, coffee drinks, fast food...
And only ONE trip to the gym.

This week, was not too good. But, I did get a new fitness magazine!...I sorta have an addiction to buying was only $2! And I found a BUNCH of things that I'm gonna try out for this week coming. So, since i'm gained 2lbs..and have 2 weeks left for headshots, I'm gonna have to kick my ass a little this week.

Despite all the emotional issues that I will come in contact with... it is IMPORTANT..that I get myself together for these headshots!!! They are too not have me looking fabulous! YA DIG?

So, for the next two weeks till headshot day, i'm gonna step it up a notch. Tonight.. I will plan out my workouts along with my workschedule...and I will also plan out my meals...

I'm not sure... if I can make it to 8 lbs in 2 weeks! That sounds like unhealthy weightloss..and thats not what I want....BUT, I will make my goal to be under 140 for this headshot session. Hopefully...there might be a difference within my face..atleast... I hope! EEEkkk gots!.

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