Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BAR & BALL Class to Lucille's

Bar and Ball Class at Lucille's was pretty good.

I think I could attend this class often and find results to sneak up on me.
First of all, I didn't even know exactly what the moves we were doing were working out..until I walked out of the gym..and could baarely feel my legs. Then it hit me... We were working out our bottom half! lol.

bars and BALLS


I like this class because the workout is vigorous..and the instructor is serious and is in very good shape. I think it is important that the instructor be in good shape...because..well, you're not really motivated if you have an out of shape instructor. Like the lady from the BUTT&GUT Class...seemed like she was in better shape than me...but...still ....You know?

Anyways, whats really tricky about bar and ball class is the ability to use the tools! If you are not a person who is good with "EXTRA THINGS" this class is going to be very challenging. Quite often you'll find yourself sliding off the ball, or knocking yourself in the face with the bar....but..if you are up to the challenge...its a really good workout. Whats that it incorporates a lot of pilates and balance... which are two things that I know are some top pointers for exercisers out there to use.

I definetly like this class, and if I can, I'll probably go to it often. A+

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