Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yesterday Awakenings at the Gym...

Hellerrr... I'm looking to May 31st.

No work today until late. So, i'm homey home.
This mornin I woke up with so much energy and enthusiasm. I'm not sure if it is because of working out at the gym yesterday... or because I got so much hours of sleep. Either way... its all good things.

So, at the gym yesterday. I couldn't do my strength training, because I was running late. But I put myself to the test on the elliptical. Instead of the regular weight-loss button, I chose the Interval I button. And boy... was that a workout! I was sweating after 10 minutes, and had a great asthma attack at the same time. As much pain as I was in, I realized that this is the work-out plan I should be using whenever I come to the gym. I don't want it to be easy...I want to feel like i'm really working...maybe I wont do it everytime. But I will try to set time today to make a work-out plan for myself for the next 3 weeks.
I have my first motivation date..which is May 31st. I am getting new headshots...and I would really like it if I could get a few pounds off before then. Headshots don't really require you to be in a bikini...but...having a fresh lively face...and even a slimmer face...would be a good goal to set. So I don't feel like I need to be in a bikini in 3 weeks...ya dig?

Another thing, I finally saw...was the true shape of my body. I went window shopping at my fav store...H&M. And I tried on some clothes. In the H&M fitting rooms they have 3 mirrors on an you can really see yourself in their clothes from all angles. I put on each pain of clothes..My usual routine is to put on...and then take-off. I pay attention to the front view...of how everything fits, and then, i take it right off. Even in my house, I don't spend a lot of time in the mirror. But yesterday. I spent like 10 minutes, turning around. I looked at my body for a good time. Checking out the front and back of my thighs to my shoulders and belly. At that moment, I came to this conclusion. I really love my body. It has been perfectly made just for me. Yet, there are some trouble which, if I did continue to work-out, I could enjoy the finer details of some of my parts. I finally came out of my denial that my belly is in good shape. When I realized...that its not. Even at the gym, I could see while working out, how it is not in good shape at all. And this is not just for the mere facts of having a beautiful belly...but because having excess fat on your stomach is a major health issue. And I want to look awesome...and be healthy. Yesterday, I learned that I have to start having an honest relationship with my body. I have to stop denying it the things that it needs. And I have to pay attention to it. Not just check out the face, and walk out the door. But do my new routine of a 360 degree and pay attention to the details...treat it well, and hopefully it will treat me well.

Last of my morning ramble, is my desire to DANCE DANCE DANCE!
I'm a theater performer, and i'm not dancing....yeeeesh. I realized that I have to work on my will even help with my midsection. So I am going to go on dance trials this month. I'm going to try out all the dances that I've always wanted to, and review them. And then for next month, I'll get a dance card and choose 2 dance classes to take regularly for the next following months. A lot of working out and planning...but still....only good things can come from this..i hope!! till next time...

OH more thing. lol. My eating... neeeeeds help. But I don't want to do these crazy diets. So I found this book, that simply shows you how to eat for yourself, and be simply mindful of the things you eat. Its called
"Lighten UP: Stay Sane, Eat Great, Lose Weight" by Charles Stuart Platkin. I'll try to write down, some of the tips I am going to follow, just in case anyone out there...would like to follow along. Photobucket i'm done. till next time...

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