Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Already, I am feeling the bitchy disease accumulate within my body. Yeah, rehearsals are okay. I'm not really feeling it anymore, i've never been tired of a show before it went into performances before, but this show..takes the first award. Im trying to force myself into getting into it, but the more we meet, the more I really am not liking it. I guess, i'm used to some well-deserved attention, and being apart of ensemble..doesn't really give me that illusion....

Shallow? I think I am a little.. but its okay.
I'm understudying the main role... "Nicole". And all I keep thinking is how well I would do in it. I would do so well!

But I'm already awakened to the fact that I do have some major work to do on my image. I feel that it is the biggest thing holding me back from getting those roles i deserve. Of course, I can't get into how difficult it is to get surgery for height..lol. I'm not going to go that far. But, I do think I need some major focus again on image. I've gotta try to force myself to use this new opportunity to teach me new things about my career..so that I can be better.

Chase that dream...ONLY

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