Saturday, July 12, 2008


My Untold story of Evolution../

men and women are sexual beings

we were able to enjoy sex in a totally different way

we didn't care about hurting others feelings if we were sexually spirited.

sex was sex and it was always:) we understood nothing and did everything:)

it wasnt labeled to sexual orientation

and it hurt no one to sex with some one

aside:>>this is The reason why not to settle for cheating being okay.

one day art was discovered..and people were able to find a new point of view. and as art is expressed it brings out the importance of the individual. Art brings out the meaning of how we are not just sexual animals but a much more evolved spirit. Art brings out our individual spirit. Art brings out our which in a world with over 100s of billions of people...we are not walking pieces of meat...but individuals.

as we are able to portray to each other our different abilities. We find many who are more famed than others and are able to bring about much fame.

hold on....

while growing up i was taught to understand that i had the undying ability to be the best.
the undying ability

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