Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's a New Day...

..and I've got a plan.



The problem with the human being conscious mind..is that enough is never enough.We are always struggling to be better to do better...to do more...to explore...

And I have yet to decide if this is a good or bad thing...

I guess life will tell.

I just wonder when I will be tired of trying to become something that is..not me.

Today, I started my pilates routine. I am sitting here, with almost tears, hoping that this will be the last motivation speech for me..that this will be the last time that I say..."today is the first day of a new life"...i've been saying it since 2nd grade..and i'm still waiting for the first day to come and finish so that the 2nd day will come and finish and victory will come.

I'm talkin about my weight. A constant struggle for me to see myself for all the potential that I know I have...but am held back by an extra 2olbs of fat, which comes with a complimentary gift of extra lbs of self-hate, low-self esteem, and apparently low-self confidence.

How am I going to be...the best me? How am I going to get over this hurdle?

I've got a plan.:)

Learn One good habit at a time.

So, i'm picking up the pieces of my broken tries, and i'm going at it..AGAIN.

This time, i'm going to try a balance. And I'm going to take my time. There is no crazy deadline. Just future events ahead which make me excited to see gradual progress. But PROGRESS..nonetheless.

1. Learn One good habit at a time.

i'm going to add one thing at a time..instead of trying to pile on a new way of life. I realize that I need to establish GOOD HABITS. The biggest thing that is stopping me..is simple bad habits. I'm not taking care of myself. So, if I just take each day to pay attention to one addition to my new day...then I might find things are easier.
So, right now, the new goal is pilates twice a week. Along with that, I will be recording what i eat, and reading "The Abs Diet" for women, which I am finding to be a great helper on how to eat well and not feel like killing yourself.

I'll try to blog as much as possible, and of course, i'm always looking for inspiration to keep me motivated. So i'll keep putting pictures of random beautiful people...

Hopefully..I'll find my picture as the ultimate inspiration. Wouldn't that be nice?:)

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