Thursday, August 14, 2008

day 2 pilates

well..... Pilates day 2.

Its about a work ethic.
Pushing myself to just do it.... is hard.
But I watch these olympic people and i'm like they push themselves so hard. They develop a work which they have to train.

I love this chick

This teenage bundle of muscle and physique is the girl that i'm lovin' right now. She is kicking ass and she's in high school. I wish i had such confidence when i was that age!

And when I think of that. I am inspired. Totally inspired. I see it now as..... I'm in training. And its beautiful.

What i definetly love about pilates..which I never thought would be.. is that it feels so good to do it when i'm on my period. Now... yes, its tough cause its a rough feeling.. but the breathing, stretching and openness of it all is just what i needed to feel like i'm normal when i'm menstruating. And whats great is that i have fun.. if i pay attention to perfecting the moves in my body... i realize the challenge..and then i become more focused on the strength of my body...and not just how much i weigh.

I hope i can keep with it. :)

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