Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GIRLS just wanna have fun...But i'm not getting it!

Its time for me to AIM higher.

I generally feel like poop. And I want to feel like the shit! lol.

Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. If I could just get my mind right, I would be happy. But other times, i just feel so unhappy. I feel like its something inside of me, in which even if i try to be happy, my mind finds reasons for me not to be.

Today, they decided to add a new job to our wonderful lives as baristas called, the bathroom attendant.

In which, your entire shift is dedicated to monitoring when people go in and out of bathrooms and cleaning the bathrooms!

After the waterbug incident....(shudder). I wish I could have made a decision then that this job is not for me, but now...I'm SURE OF IT! Cause I can't possibly be happy to continue starving over a low-paying job like starbucks, while i now become one of the main bathroom attendants!

Its making me feel like i'm poop. Poop that looks after poop. It's kinda sad. I need to find something else. And I'm going to keep pushing myself to keep trying. I believe I can...

On another note,

well....maybe not tonight.

"Side-note"- I wonder if BF will notice my facebook status ever...

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