Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Wardrobe Closet

WELL....I'm going to start a new label called "MY WARDROBE CLOSET"

............ in which I'll pull some outfits that i really like and see if i can duplicate them on my own. In which the style is there...yet it is altered to fit and compliment my own body and style. !!! Its an experiment that I need to do with myself! I have NO CLOTHES...And although strapped for money...i will begin contributing to my wardrobe closet. Honestly, the only thing i wear everyday is black. ...and its making me sick..literally. I have inspirations ranging from my lil cuzzo's to my favorite stars! And making it to the first list is no other than my stylish teen cousin....i wish i had this kind of style at 14...lets take a look at this cute outfit of hers...
I love D's style cause its loud..like a teen is. lol. Though what i love is that she has a great fit...maybe to great for a 14 year olds..lol. But it doesn't look slutty. Also, my cuzzo love's girly things....check out those shoes with the flowers! I love that! Even though most of the day i feel like i dress like a boy...i really do love florals and lace....to me those are the so much fun to rock. Gotta get: 1. Some cute shoes that make a statement. Go for girly! 2. Black polka dot top, the cut is what really makes this very feminine too. 3. Pair of Gold hoops...lol wha wha wha.............. NEXT: ALICIA KEYS I'm sure i'll be posting a lot of a keys fashion photos. What I love about A. KEYS is that her clothes have a little street to her. I used to be a full out tom-boy...was even a lil fraid of me fallin' into those butch stages...but thank god..i never got that far! lol. However, most of my days..i prefer to feel comfy in a cute t-shirt and then i'll go ahead and sacrificing my breath for some tight pants.

I honestly don't think that i could wear this right now and make the look work, but it will be something i might try in a few more weeks. However..this style is cute...big wavy hair, the suspenders are totally cute. And what I would probably mess up on..is wearing that outfit with black sneakers...but the heels are a better option..it makes the body look longer and the outfit more ladylike. LOVES IT~

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