Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just a Thought

Maybe its time that I got off my Lazy ass and stopped

Today I watched the Broadway Rehearsal of "West Side Story".

Besides being awed...I was actually frustrated. Because, I know that I could do all of that.
I know I have what it takes. So I ask myself...Why is it? Why is it that i'm on the other side...Sporting a "42" on a black shirt and dressed to disappear?

I can't keep complaining anymore. That does nothing for me. Every time I feel a bit of frustration..I'm going to start using that negative energy and putting it into my work.

I read in a Actors Guidebook about how I have to be a CEO of my Acting career.

And then it struck me....


Right In the FACE!

I've been working like this for a while now. Marketing for others, Facilitating, Planning..Executing.

This is what I had learned in college. This is the moment of glory when all those days of slavery over Residents and Black and Hispanic Events came from.

I remember when my Advisor Matt (Whom btw, is a phenomenal singer!)
He said that maybe all this work doesn't make sense now...but one'll see that you CAN use it to your advantage.

And thus, I am here. One year (and more) later trying to justify my time at College, thinking that it was a waste of time and money...

But today I remembered. I remembered that I wasn't that much of a fuck up.
I learned a lot. And I taught myself a lot more.

I can do this.
I can.

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