Monday, December 29, 2008


I guess being in a relationship has strayed me from seeing how important it is to have girlfriends.
Even though the BF is cool,
its hard to do everything with your partner.
Some things are just for the girls,
and sometimes only the girls will understand your point of view.

I gotta make a better effort to maintain the outside friends that I do have.
Even before the BF came around,
I wasn't very good at maintaining relationships.
I guess I figured I could do it all myself.
Not to mention,
Most of the people in my life were aggravating after a while.

I guess I learned that I'm not doing well in this area.
i HAD to open my mind to my bad habits,
And now I see the Light. :)

I feel like fat loves me more than my bf.
Cuz its the thing I can count on to stay right there on me.
ugggh I have no money. And rent is DUE!
This apartment is looking worse by the second.
And I think i might have a preggers scare.
Ugghh...I think i'm gonna cry.

I need to use this week to its utmost potential.

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