Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My friend and I decided that N*GGA is out! Instead of "Thats My N*gga" its "Thats my bama!" lol

I'm in Obama Heaven.
He is the epitome of what a Black Man is supposed to be.
No, he's not perfect. No, he's not God.
But he loves his daughters.
He Loves his Wife.
And he loves his people.
And he loves his country.

No more silly media get-ups of hip hop flava taking ova.
Let hip-hop be what its supposed to be, artistic, cultural, and real.

Not fake.... surrounded by sex and money.
No longer should girls aspire to be video-hoes. There are more popular and better jobs out there for you.
Finally, we have a new figure who will be our inspiration.
There is no excuse to our foolywang ways now.
Yes, the white man still has all the money.
But we got a Black President Now. So straighten up and fly right.
Get off your lazy bum ass and stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes.

I surely won't.
Obama inspires me to be better. And to not settle. Reach for the stars!

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