Friday, January 23, 2009



"I reach beyond myself to see ..What I find, beyond my mind, there is no time ..In this place beyond my sight .. My heart knows what is not yet seen.....I'm witnessing my own becoming....."

Its time for me to really think for myself and think about what is best for me.
I can't help it, if I can't keep up with everyone, and people will be sour about it.
Sometimes, I feel like it really could be me against the world.
Cause people love to hate on you.
They wanna see you fail, and when they see you happy, they blame their unhappiness on you.

I only know it all to well, because I have done the same. But I have learned from my mistakes. I have learned from my desire to be around drama, to invite it into my life, and feed off of it, cause I don't have shit else to do.

But, i'm no longer taking applications for drama.
I'm coming calm-assertive. Doing things the way that I need to in order to help myself.
I'm inserting my desire of "Drama" into my craft.
And forming and molding it; channeling the negative into something good.
I can't help anyone else...until I HELP myself.
And thats how I see it.
So if you're not for me, then you aren't with me.
It's just that simple.

This is a new year.
And I can feel the opportunity for me to Transform...and become a better version of myself.
And I need you to just root for me.
And I will do you.

But come on, lets be conscious together.
Look at the situations the way they really are.
Not the way you want to see them.

Am I finally opening my eyes to the world? The REAL world?

A world in which onl i can discover. My own world. A world that I create for myself..and yet I don't know whats coming next.

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