Monday, February 9, 2009


In Nina Garcia's Book
the little black book of style

She says that we should find icons of Fashion that we look up to.
I need to find me some fashion inspiration
here are my top fav ladies to add to


Christina Milian

i love her because she is short like me..but knows how to still stand out. She uses beautiful colors that compliment her skin tone, and she chooses pieces that shape her tiny body.


She has really taken the initiative to do her thang..
and on her own.
Solange is my retro girl.
She does things differently.
Reminds me of my dayz when I listened to 103.5 ktu
and pretended to be a valley girl.
Still loves it.


i think mya's style is sexi and classy. love it all over

i'm gonna challenge myself to buy pieces that exemplify these beautiful ladies style.

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