Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting it 2GETHER

I've been on my Hair Care Regimen like whoa.
I've got the Right Tools Now to WHIP MY HAIR IN SHAPE.
Got my fav SITES
Hairlista & KISS
I've recognized that putting in a few adjustments to my overall hair regimen can make a huge difference for my hair health. 
And its not that hard. 
My hair is my Crown and Glory.
Taking the time to make the right choices for myself...already feels like i've won.

My Hair Goal is to be Bra Strap Length within a Year.  Feb 2010
Until then, I'm focusing on 1st, Thickness and then Length.
My 1st Goal is to hit Arm Pit Length by Mid-Summer. July 2009

I'm still struggling on figuring out the right products for myself. But I can already see that I'm going to tackle this Right.

My Hair is on its Way. 
But what about everything else?
I need to lose some weight.
Yes, I'm overweight and its time for me to finally make the Regimen thats gonna help change my lifestyle. 
I need to get my body-skin hair and health right. 
Because I want to really make it in this business.

Currently I am about 147 lbs. My goal weight is 120lbs by July 2008.

On thursdays I will be doing weekly weigh-ins. 
I will be researching on how to create the right regimen for myself and posting it shortly.

I've GOT to Work Hard.
And thats all there is to it.

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