Monday, May 25, 2009

The Abs Diet for Women

Contrary to its Title.. The Abs Diet for Women is my new fav Read!

Its basic beliefs of the typical "diet" is parallel to mine. In his introduction, David gives a special inserpt on what DIET really means.

In which Dieting is for Gainers! And Non-dieting is for Losers!

Thats right..I said it..and its true too!
Here's what Author David Zinczenko says about belly fat...
"Belly Fat=the fat that pushes your waist out-is the most dangerous fat on your body.
And its one of the reasons why the Abs Diet emphazises losing belly fat-because doing so means you'll live longer...
Belly fat is classified as Visceral Fat..because it carries an express-lane pass to your heart and other important organs, visceral fat is the fat that can kill you."
The Non Diet
As a previous Dieter..I understand the need for a quick fix. Losing 5-8lbs in a week sounds oh so delightful! And it is! But its just not realistic for me. In my experience...and most quickly as the weight comes as quickly as it comes back on again..and even more so!
This is not how I want to live! Fluctuating big numbers on the weight scale for the rest of my life. Its just Not Cool...Nah Mean?
The Abs Diet Appeals to me because it erases the Commercial Idea of Diet..and brings back the Lifestyle Idea of Diet. Its still not lose weight this way. It takes hard work...maybe even harder work than a QUICK FIX diet. But its what I know I need to do. Feel free to joining me on discovering MY NON-DIETING technique and bringing back the power to my body and esteem!

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