Saturday, May 9, 2009


will be playing the role of "Dorothy" in the City Center Production of
this summer. I did get the chance to audition for this and it was a good experience.
I have mixed feeling about Ashanti in this role..but it does make sense that she would be picked for it. I do plan to go see her and will let you know how it goes!

Either way..she is looking fab in this outfit. I love this shade of green! And the shoes are hott!

This Long Island Girl is doing her thang in the music and theater biz... i'm sure she'll ROCK the stage..!! I just hope to join her one day :)


ohhh boy.

So Rihanna has been getting busy with the photo takin' and now she's all out on blast.

As far as I know..Rihanna has been caught w/NUDE Photos!
But, i feel for her.. i think a girl should be able to have fun w/o people sneaking in, stealing, and showing them to the world.

Unless the chic did it purposely...then she's a real LOONEYbin.
Oh well... I mean at least its not a freakin' sex vid!
Nude pics can be
Now every guy in America will hav reason to drool over their compubox once again
..including my own!
Get em rih the nipple ring;) ..hahaha

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♥Nikki D.City Star♥ said...

Pretty! & Happy Mother's Day to you Sweetie.