Thursday, May 7, 2009

Raging Thoughts...

Random Thursday thoughts...

After a crazy week like the last one...i told myself that i'd "take it easy" this week.
It's been so helpful to just slow down everything. It truly has been a worry-free, stress-free week for me...and I am truly grateful. Its amazing how a simple change of mind can create the kind of peace you need :)



I've been reading a whole lot...and will continue to do so. I've been so encouraged by the Valerie Frankel memoir "Thin is the New Happy" It has truly opened my eyes to how important it is that good body image is if not learned...then forced into ones own lifestyle. I am moved by the idea of getting rid of the Diet..and Transforming your that you can balance all the things that you need and want into good habits that work for you. I'd like to begin this journey Today. I don't know what kind of journey to call it'll take time. For now..i'll just say the non-diet. more on the n
on-diet soon....


and one last thing...

I've decided to go back on that dance video after I realized that I still had some of my Slimin6 videos still left and working.

I remember trying this in college and got great results. But I was following the series and doing the exercises everyday. Even though it gave great results..i couldn't stick with it.

Now..I've been following the Challenge on FIT TEAM Network..
work-out 3-5 days a week.

I've already done this video 3x!
I do it on the days that I know i'll have time.
I blast along my own playlist to the vid and get to working.
So far so good.
Once I can maintain 3x a week,
i'll work on fitting it in 4x ..and so forth.

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