Thursday, July 16, 2009


so today was a tough one for me and its still panning out to be one.... here i am alone at home and i'm so tired, my body aches from work today because we did some extra stuff today...boy the things we do for money.

anyways, i've come to terms with my ends..and i'm not liking them. And although I want to speed up the process of reaching BSL hair..i am realizing that a nice trim is very necessary. This may hold me back because I might even have to do up to an inch and a 1/2 to get my ends to look proper. I just can't hold on to straggly ends...ii just can't do i'm not feelin' to good about this right now..just wish i could enjoy some more length...oh well. i'll take healthy hair over long hair anyday....

btw...of all the HE conditioners i've been using..i'm totally missing my reconditioning conditioner. I think this by far was the best conditioner for me..and it was the first that i chose to try out! how ironic... I will be relaxing next week instead of trying to do 2 more weeks of stretching. i plan to do a full stretch after this next relaxer and much needed trim.

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