Monday, July 13, 2009

Lips Locked

Nobody Likes a "know-it-all" ..this is true. So many girls on hair boards and forums say it, and even Beautiful brown baby doll shared this with us on her youtube video. Keep most of your journey to yourself. Since I started by whole journey to healthy hair, mind and body. I've been sharing with the people that are closest to me about what I have been learning.

Some listen, most don't seem to care or have wayy too much criticism for a girl who is trying to get on her feet. Here's the part that I thought would work, but I was wrong...I thought that because I had found something great for myself and was really amped and hyped about doing it, that the people in my life would care, would want to help, would be interested. But, I was very wrong. Most of the comments I have recently received are the opposite. Some people say I should just go to a hair salon, that I am the only one who has the problems that I have because of what I am trying to do, that blogging is silly, some of them judge my blog and have not even read it yet!

And here I am sharing good research with them to help me and possibly get them on the same track. I've realized this is the wrong way to go. Even more so, I started this journey for me first. I want to I don't have to talk and share right now. Sometimes its better to just keep your lips locked. Work on yourself...and if they get interested along the way..then cool, i'm here to help. If they don't..oh well. Because this journey is really for me.

All too often we are afraid to do things alone. All too often we care about what people think of us. Or how people see us. This is just a mere stepping stone on this journey, a simple problem discovered..and a simple solution. Stop caring of what people think..of you.

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♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

Hey I just posted about "Know it alls" too! lol, I Guess great minds think alike.