Monday, July 27, 2009

Self Relaxing: Luvmesumhair's method

So I do plan to self-relax again. This time with some serious 11 weeks post hair. I'm scared, but I know that the only way to get better with self relaxing is to keep doing it. So instead of scurrying off back to the salon..I am ready for the challenge. I really love luvmesumhair's method and i'm posting her steps to use as a reference for myself when the big day comes for me..which will be sooner than later!

1st hair is parted into four sections...and grease is applied to the scalp

back two parts are put into a ponytail and then she puts a plastic cap over it. Then proceeds to pin the front in smaller sections so that it is easy to apply the relaxer easily without the newgrowth getting in the way and tangling. ---this is ingenius!

a closer view on how the hair is pinned in the front. at this point, conditioner
is applied to the already relaxed hair to protect it from overlapping...

a. follow application directions as the box or bottle says to...
b. rinse out relaxer
c. follow-up with a 5min protein treatment
d. neutralize at least 3x to make sure hair's ph is back to normal

Twist pin up hair and repeat for the back.
Then do a deep conditioning treatment.
dry as preferred.

I really like the fact that she airdries her hair before she does her rollersets and then uses her spray elixir to help with rollersets.


the results are marvelous.

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