Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Air-Drying Update...


Wow, never thought i'd say how much I am enjoying air-drying my hair!!! A few months ago in the beginning of my journey it was becoming quite frustrating because my first attempts at air-drying often left my hair feeling dry and crunchy. Traycee from KISS. made it very clear to me in one of her popular videos that...

1. Air-Drying is the
healthiest way for hair to dry
2. It definetly is the best way to figure out what kind of condition your hair is in! haha.

Well that explained a lot. I allowed myself to recognize that the results of my air-drying wasn't because it wasn't for black hair or my hair..but because it was showing the truthful condition of my strands. Fast forward to about 6 months into my journey..and I am discovering how much better my hair is turning out!

During my stretch, my fav..VO5 moisture milk conditioner really helped to tame the hair and feel strong all at the same time. Now that i am about 3 weeks post relaxer, my hair is feeling ultra soft and happy! I'm very excited about these results!!

What i did last night:

Co-washed with:


(i wasn't planning on purchasing these again, however after last night's results.. i might go ahead and re-purchase...i'm not so sure yet!)

T-shirt Dried.
Added HE Long Term Relationship Leave-In..and put my hair in one braid with one foam roller on the end.
I had to wait until the next morning to take it all out because it needed to be dry before i un-do the braid.

Took it out just this morning and put my hair in a cute low pony. My ends are cute, wavy and bouncy! Who knew that braids could produce bouncy hair?!
I am really in love with the results of my ends. The only thing that concerns me is the texture of the strands closer to the roots. It does feel a little dry. I'LL PROB ADD some HE hydra diluted with water to the roots to get them softer-feeling.

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