Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Non-Diet Eating

Revisiting my minor set-back from yesterday, i have calmed down and recognized that its important to take a step back and look at what might be going wrong. So after further review, I think its time that I start refining what I am going to be eating on my "non diet".

But first, I have not been as consistent with my food journal and I do believe and have witnessed that the process begins here. Just as easy as it is to journal about my hair, make-up, and fashion, it is very important to continue with my food journal. I made this as apart of the non-diet guidelines for the main reason that journaling your food will help you to recognize what it is that you are consuming on a regular basis. Most of us do not know how much food and caloric intake we are really putting in our bodies on a daily basis.

Along with the journal, once a week, I believe it is important to input your foods into a nutrition tracker so you can really see what it is you are missing from your "diet". So this week my plan is to focus on my food journal. Also I will be incorporating the guidelines and methods from The Abs Diet into my non-diet regimen. Now many might be confused because it incorporates "diet". However, this book is dedicated to the original meaning of the word diet...which is basically your normal intake of food on a regular basis. The Abs Diet, focuses on what foods you should be adding to your daily intake and provides exceptional information on food ingredients and incorporates a lot of recipes. So stay tuned...

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