Wednesday, September 30, 2009

???.....WEEKS POST?

I permed last on August 3rd with the help of the BF.

So I am now 8 weeks post..

Things i'm Lovin' About my Hair..
1. Moisturizer is really changing the texture of my hair.I really feel it in the shower too.
2. Length! I feel it..and Im always putting my hands to the back of my head to see if its still there!

Things I'm "ehh" About my Hair

1. Shedding! Hopefully it will end soon. :(
2. Strength.. I'm worried about the strength of my hair. My ends are soft, but they are raggedy.. i just feel there is much improvement in the strength area.

I will be going to the salon for this second stretch. I will aim for 13 weeks. And then Perm and Trim.. can't wait!!

What i'm loving right now is HE LTR!! Its really doing it for me right now. I'm learning what a moisturizer is supposed to work and when to use it..and when I don't need to.

What i'm not loving is the ng and the shedding! I'm shedding so much. So i'm on a mission to keep my ends as healthy as possible. I do plan to trim for next perm.

The next four weeks in october will be about Braid-outs and Protective Styling. I'm also going to look into a salon to go to.. I'm not into self-relaxing this time around.

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