Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel

Got My Memoirs!

I'm always first in line when it comes to getting MC's album THE DAY it comes out. I got it yesterday and fell in love!!

The Dream is alll over this album. And its really a match made in heaven for Mariah. I believe she is still able to show off her beautiful vocals and still stay current with today's Beat with the Dream under her..

The Album starts off with Betcha Gon' Know as the Prologue..This is cute. It has a very story telling feel to it. Obsessed as we know already is second and it does stick out as a sore thumb to the rest of the songs on the album. Now I believe that Hate U..the next single will be one of the singles..lets see if i'm right :) Candy Bling is really niice..But Ribbon really comes in with the real typical Dream sound. I also nominate that track to be a single.. its super cute. Its got this hard beat while she sings "with a bow on it" I was cracking up when I started singing to it. I love the hard beat but the light cotton candy lyrics of Mariah. Inseperable and Standing O are okay...but not as captivating as It's a Wrap. Now Thissss song is to die for and my favorite off the album. Mariah just sounds so clean and gorgeous on this track. The beat is real groovy and the lyrics are sooo cute. This better be a single! Up Out my Face could be a single too! There are a few possibilities on this album! More than Just Friends Leads into the more ballady songs which are the rest of the Album. The Impossible is beautiful.. the lyrics are so hot. Angel (the prelude) when she just shows off how high she can go! Which leads into the Actual song Angels Cry and its just a nice pop ballad..which is her usual sound. It is refreshing to hear this once we get to the end of the album. Languishing is sweet. And the remade version of I want to Know What Love is.. Just ends it so cleverly.

Please Please get this album it is a sweet treat!

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