Sunday, October 18, 2009

Healthy Ends Challenge!

Joined the Healthy Ends Challenge on Hairlista today!
It officially began October 8th, but My first day begins today
October 18th- Ends April 8th, 2010
Here are the RULES!

Welcome to the Healthy Ends Challenge
"Keep Your Ends Happy"



1. Moisturize with a water based moisturizer and seal with a natural oil at least 1x/day. (Start at your ends and work your way up. It's best to moisturize in sections)

2. Low manipulation - Protective style (clip up, buns, wigs, weave, braids etc.) your hair as much as possible. Use wide tooth combs or finger comb (do not comb dry hair, moisturize first!). Using a 100% natural boar bristle brush is fine for your edges and nape. Less combing/brushing/tugging is more gentle on the cuticles and hair shaft.

3. Heat Pass - Every 2-3 months. Heat is the EASIEST and QUICKEST way to dry out your ends.

4. Dust ends frequently - Dust any amount that's comfortable for you. As a guideline, dust off 1/4 inch every 2-3 months or 1/2 inch every 3-5 months. This will help maintain fuller thicker ends. Do not hold on to thin ends to claim length.

5. Keep up with your Protein Treatments - These treatments will fortify the cuticle and strengthen the hair/ends. Protein will give the hair structure, strength and thickness. Your ends need it i.e. 1x/week, bi-weekly, or monthly.

6. Deep Condition at least 1x/week - pay close attention to the last 3 inches of your hair.

7. Relaxed ladies listen up: Protect your hair from relaxer run off. Coat your ends/previously relaxed hair with Vaseline, oil or conditioner. Remember to Neutralize a minimum of 3 times.

8. Must upload a before and after photo at the END of the challenge. Take a beginning photo (it's up to you if you want to share it now) and save it until you are done the challenge. Once the challenge is done, upload both photo's so that you can see your progress. You'll be AMAZED!!

So excited!

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